Monday, February 28, 2011

Facing Financial Challenges

Beloved Ones,

So many have written with prayer requests in relation to a desperate financial situation, that we deemed it important to offer this overall perspective to benefit those in need. Please consider these ideas, derived from principles of light, and let them resonate with your own inner sense of truth:

1. Trust. In all instances where life seems to present what appear to be insurmountable circumstances, trust is needed - trust that there is a way through the difficulty and that Divine support and guidance can be found. Trust is a necessary spiritual quality of the embodied soul facing life challenges.

2. Disconnect from fear. Trust cannot flourish in the presence of fear. It is limited by fear. And so those who wish to improve the chances of finding the way through difficulty need to try to disconnect from fear and believe that a way through can be found. Where fear is strong, one must practice disconnecting over and over again.

3. Seek inner guidance. Every human being has access to inner guidance from the Divine source within. Such guidance is important in decision-making and in knowing which direction to take.

Light a candle and ask for guidance about the way through the challenges you face. Listen in quiet for the inner voice of truth that you carry. Let your mind become silent. Listen to your heart and to your deeper knowing.

4. Explore possibilities. Do not believe that you are helpless or that there is no open road ahead of you. Believe that with God's help you can create a different outcome than the one you most fear. Trust that not all paths are closed.

5. Believe you are loved. Do not think that because things seem desperate that you are not loved by God. There are reasons for what is happening to you financially, emotionally, and in all ways. This is a time of planetary transition, and many are going through huge internal and external upheavals. In the presence of these upheavals, God is holding you.

6. Monitor your thoughts. Your inner thoughts and feelings have much to do with what happens to you outwardly. Let your thoughts be of hope and of a positive outcome to your dilemma. Turn to inner guidance and to the deepest truth of your heart for a truth that can sustain you.

7. Value love in all forms. In times of difficulty, allow love to cushion and comfort you, for love can hold all things and make all things bearable. The valuing of love is in itself a way through all difficulty.

8. Connect. Do not isolate yourself, but connect with others. Let yourself be part of a world that supports hope, not part of a world that supports despair. Know that no matter what you are going through, you are not going through it alone.

May these principles of light, light your way. With blessings – LIGHT OMEGA

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Many relationships are changing now in the presence of greater light, revealing their lack of wholeness, love, or truth in certain areas, and creating an opportunity for healing and expansion into greater light.

This opportunity is a choice within the relationship that each partner must make. The choice must be made for light and for truth, and responsibility taken for the changes in behavior and consciousness that need to take place.

There is hardship in this transition, but far greater capacity for love to be present in a deeper way than ever before within the lives of all.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Libya: Darkness and Light

The old ways that refuse to be dismantled, evident in the efforts to destroy the protest movement that seeks to topple the 40 year old regime in Libya. These old ways exert a counter-force toward the efforts of light to expand. They are not stronger than light, but can create obstacles in the path of expansion that, for a time, seem insurmountable. This is true on a planetary level, within nations, and within individuals. Within Libya, it appears that the forces of light and of expansion are now gaining ground and, in the presence of much pain, a new birth is occurring.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Beloved Ones,

The shaking of the old order is before us in the widespread protests in the Middle East which have also activated a resonant expression in the U.S. in relation to the rights of workers and Unions.

What is important to note is the relationship between the ideals of freedom, equality, and human dignity and the light frequencies which carry these ideals into the hearts of men and women everywhere. It is the increased potency of these new light frequencies that are giving rise to change and the desire for change in many places.

The transition to a new time is upon us, with weeping for the suffering that many endure during this time of transition, and celebration for the new birth that is taking place. May all be blessed by the light now present on Earth and may the time of the influence of darkness come to an end.