Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unconditional Love

There are a great many people today who are trying to learn how to love better, with more forgiveness and greater purity of heart. What complicates the process of being able to love more and better? Unfulfilled needs that cause frustration, anger, hurt, and withdrawal or rejection.

A time will come when all will understand that the things we project onto others we must reclaim for ourselves. Our own self-doubts, self-criticism, feelings of inadequacy or failure become the points of vulnerability that fuel projection.

The truth is that your consciousness is yours alone to shape, to mold, to choose. It is not anyone else's. This responsibility for one's own consciousness is based on being a Divine child of God. When accepted, it reduces the willingness to blame anyone for anything.

The knowledge that one is a Divine creation, at all times connected with God and with one's larger self, is the other foundational pillar for unconditional love and the withdrawal of projections. For when the source of healing is perceived to be within oneself, why would one look elsewhere for it?

These two transitions - the responsibility for one's own consciousness and the connection with one's own higher self or soul will create major transitions in human relationships. When the connection to one's larger self is made, it will be possible to see that same self in others, for all are connected at that level.

This is what lies before us as a collective humanity, and the inner work of withdrawing projections and seeking to embody more of unconditional love are steps along the way. Blessings.

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  1. Thank you for this work. I also read your six articles on depression and found them clear and helpful. Your writing is inspiring.


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