Friday, January 29, 2010

State of the Union

President Obama delivered his State of the Union address two days ago, seeking unity and pursuing unity, but the actual presence of 'Union' existed more in the moving ritual with which the State of the Union address takes place, then in all the responses made during the address or comments made after it.

What this country is sadly lacking at the present time is a sense of Union. Everywhere you look and listen, one hears division and conflict. Mistrust and cynicism. We know that this is not all there is within the human heart. There is also a desire to cooperate, to share, to make sacrifice on behalf of the whole. Nevertheless, such 'Union' was not visible following the address nor in the days afterward.

There is such a thing as Divine trust which is not naivete, nor foolishness, nor a misguided appraisal of the motives of others. Indeed, such Divine trust pierces through the selfishness and self-interest of others to see the core element that fuels it which is fear. Fear creates self-protection and self-protection creates a 'me' against 'them' attitude. Divine trust, by contrast, holds that those who have differences that appear irreconcilable on the surface, can come to a place of accord if they could recognize the fear that drives them and believe that concordance or a harmonization of interests is possible upon moving to a deeper level of engagement.

Within the Divine wholeness that exists at any moment in time, it is possible to find greater harmony if one can move past the place of fear and recognize that all points of view exist within a greater Unity that contains them all. This is the time for awakening on a national and global scale, and what we as a nation must awaken to is the trust that 'Union' is possible and needed to solve the critical and pressing issues of the day.

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  1. There truly is a lack of unity in our country at this time. I felt that President Obama was inviting the congress to a place where more communication, and perhaps progress, could take place. I also felt that he did not shy away from addressing the ugliness that has been taking place, in the place of governance. Was there more he could have done?


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