Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soul Memories - 'Bleeding Through' of Other Self-Identities

As personal identity integrates more with one's soul or higher identity, it is not uncommon for dreams, emotions, thoughts, and images that arise out of other versions of identity that one has been to move more vividly into awareness. This is another way of saying that the karmic roots of things one feels become more clear or transparent in the presence of greater light. This movement can involve unhealed issues that have their source of origin in the distant past, though they are reflected here and now as well. It can also involve a feeling of not belonging in this time-period or dimension, but belonging elsewhere or else-when.

These legacies of other self-identities are also being integrated and healed as the embodied self incorporates greater degrees of light and awakens to a deeper truth. It is necessary to be patient with such things and to know, beyond whatever may be arising, that the present flow of light to the Earth is moving everything forward into greater wholeness, even when this does not appear to be the case.

For personal questions about these issues, please write to me at Light Omega Comments. Blessings.

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