Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Process of Letting Go

In the process of letting go of something, it can seem that what one wishes to let go of is holding on to oneself, refusing to be released. This aspect of unwanted thoughts, feelings, or motivations repeating themselves in a seemingly endless pattern is quite common. Some of it may be reinforced by external energies that amplify the negative patterns. However, often, what seems to be attached to or clinging to us is what we are truly clinging to, afraid of letting it go.

There is a truism that must be examined by each consciousness in relation to letting go, namely, that the old familiar pain may seem better than the new, unfamiliar one that may lie ahead. This may make no sense to the rational mind but it makes a great deal of sense to the ego-mind which is only interested in protecting the self from pain.

In the process of letting go, see where you are in relation to the Unknown and particularly in relation to the emptiness that may seem to lay ahead if you release the past. The fear of emptiness is often the reason for clinging, even when clinging is no longer desired or desirable.

Release all into God's protective care and be free of fear. Blessings.

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