Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Consciousness


We had a powerful meeting last night to support and uphold those in Haiti who are suffering, and those in transition who may be in need as well.

What is important about this way of helping through meditation and prayerful alignment is the confident premise:

1) That there is only one Consciousness operating here that we are all part of, and that this means that the transmission of hope, light, love, truth, and comfort move across and through that one Consciousness as part of the interactive network.

2) That there is a synergy that exists when a group gathers together to send light and healing somewhere. This collective group energy is greater than the sum of its parts.

3) That invoking Divine light and love to send forth along this network of Consciousness brings the higher dimensions of light into the physical realm for purposes of healing. This is how the Realms of Light operate at all times - through the transmission of the higher frequencies of light and love to the lower, and this is how invocation works to help the planet.

We need as a planetary body to understand more about the ways of helping that are not solely about 'doing' in a practical sense, (though this too), but about 'doing' in a spiritual sense. This applies both at times of human tragedy and disasters, and in more gentle times as well. Each consciousness affects every other. When groups gather they can generate a powerful effect for the good. And aligning with and invoking God's light and love is always beneficial for the wellbeing of the whole.

May all come to understand this energetic and Consciousness reality we live in. There is only One here. Namaste.

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