Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Law of Love

The kind of love that humanity has experienced in all its wonder and beauty is but a portion of a far greater love that is limitless, since its Source is an unending, eternal one. This love is generated from within - from the Divine part of each heart. It is not dependent on external circumstance. Its law is universal compassion, tenderness, and forgiveness. Its bestowal is upon everyone.

To reach for this quality of love is to be willing to let go of past wounds and hurts and present projections and judgments. It is to free the burdened self from all forms of prejudice with which it has been weighed down.

To make a beginning with this, leave the land of "like" and "dislike" and look for the inner beauty in each one. "Like" and "dislike" are part of the separated psyche, based on external attributes and behaviors. No one's behavior can take love away from you if you do not give it away. It is yours to keep.

Loving in this way does not mean not standing up for oneself or never saying "no", for self-love is also included in love. However standing up for oneself can be done without anger and without judgment of another. It can be done on behalf of love and on behalf of truth.

These are the steps to awakening - to follow the Law of Love.

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  1. This is so beautiful. I long for a consistant inner connection to this love - for everyone, including myself. Thank you Julie, for holding the vision and pointing the way.


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