Friday, January 1, 2010

Entering the Space of the Unknown

Movement into a new way of life has already begun for many. In some cases the path forward has been clear and directed, in others only the falling away of the old has taken place without the new revealing itself. This is the space of emptiness, of waiting, of trusting. It involves a direct encounter with the Unknown and the growth of the soul in many important ways. For some, it involves the fear of emptiness and of unknowingness, and so the need to trust is called forth in ever deeper ways in order to meet the challenges of this time.

The time of being without a rudder is a precious time. One must enter an empty space that is not really empty and wait for the new identity and direction to manifest. Orienting toward Divine Will and toward one's higher purpose IS the rudder during such a time. This turning toward purpose says to the deeper self and to the forces that be: "Lead me and guide me in Thy light. Let my purpose serve the purposes of Divine Will." Such a declaration calls forth the highest expression of one's soul-purpose. It creates the circumstances within the emptiness that will shape the next steps of unfoldment.

Sometimes, feelings of failure or foolishness become strong during a time of waiting. The ego becomes fearful and out of fear, critical of one's willingness to relinquish control. These self-criticisms can be harsh, especially when reinforced by significant members of one's family or friends who are also fearful on one's behalf. Nevertheless, often, what looks like foolishness in the eyes of the world is wisdom in the eyes of the soul. Thus, emptiness and unknowingness are virtues which, from a spiritual standpoint, become the foundation for transformation and the building of a new identity that can reveal the Divine.

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