Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pause and Comments

Dear Ones,
I am taking a break between this current message and the next posting for a period of time. This is a time in which you can still send comments, however, about your 'New Light Body' experiences or about the things that inspire you. Your thoughts and experiences are most welcome. Blessings - Julie Redstone

Friday, February 5, 2010

More About 'Pinwheels'

 'Pinwheels' refers to a way of thinking that revolves around the embodied self and its problems, anxieties, and worries, without awareness of the larger context of life within a spiritual/physical landscape. See: How Big Is Your World?

The flow of light is coming to the Earth with increasing degrees of intensity. This vibration is affecting your consciousness as well as everyone else's. What do you notice in the life around you? What do you notice as you listen to your own heart?

You may not immediately see a difference in your environment, especially if people are tightly fixed in roles. However, if you risk extending more love in a direction where it may not be expected, given past history and the role relations involved, see what happens, not just to the other person, but within yourself as well. Blessings.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Big is Your World?

We are in a time of transition, beloveds, between thinking that we must take care of everything ourselves (including taking care of our loved ones), and knowing that we are upheld by a vast Universe of love that can support us through inner and outer guidance and love when we turn to it.

The old way is the way of 'pinwheels' - each person spinning on their own axis, feeling aware only of their individual circumstances, their individual sphere of consciousness and interaction. The 'pinwheel' mentality has been with us for a very long time.

The alternative to 'pinwheels' is the Earth itself, and beyond that, the galaxy, and beyond that, the Universes of Creation. Beyond 'pinwheels' is the flow of a vast interactive
Consciousness which we play a part in and which moves and acts through us. This Divine Consciouisness is creating at all times, and our life becomes freer and vaster as we learn to become part of it.

What is the alternative to 'pinwheels'? It is to become part of the flow of all-that-is, a citizen of the Universe. Blessings.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Inspiration comes in small and large ways

 On January 30th I wrote about inspiration and since then received a picture of a small library created by a beautiful soul for the children in her neighborhood who have no money to buy books of their own. She wrote: "It was such a joyful experience watching the boys choose their books and writing in the checkout book." J. - New Orleans

The above picture is not of that little neighborhood library, but shows children engrossed in the task of learning and exploring.  It inspires me to invite those of you who have something of your own inspiration to share to send it here as well. Let it be a story about something you felt inspired to do or something you felt inspired by. (The length needs to be appropriate to this format.) Inspiration inspires, beloved ones!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Out of Necessity, Invention - Conversion of skin cells into brain neurons

From "Nature" magazine - Jan. 27th, 2010:

A remarkable study at Stanford University received very little notice in the media, yet the implications for this study are potentially vast. Being able to convert skin cells into brain neurons not only has potential for addressing the various degenerative diseases that affect the brain, but also intercepts the long-standing and very painful debate between those favoring stem cell research in order to cure such disease, and those countering on moral grounds that stem-cells, generally harvested from embryos in early stages of development, should not be used for this purpose.

The study, according to one reporter, would be "a landmark study" if it was applicable not only to mice but to humans. However, results, even now, have accomplished in the field of Regenerative Medicine what scientists have been trying to accomplish for years. (See: Mouse skin cells turned into brain neurons).

Those who gather their news from either radio, television, or internet news outlets (which is almost everyone) need to question why inspirational developments such as this are not given more space and time, while those that feed the appetite for violence, scandal, or deception become a steady diet.

We need, as a society, to be inspired by inspiration in whatever field it occurs. To know that at times of need, human diligence, creativity, and inspiration can come up with something totally new.

Friday, January 29, 2010

State of the Union

President Obama delivered his State of the Union address two days ago, seeking unity and pursuing unity, but the actual presence of 'Union' existed more in the moving ritual with which the State of the Union address takes place, then in all the responses made during the address or comments made after it.

What this country is sadly lacking at the present time is a sense of Union. Everywhere you look and listen, one hears division and conflict. Mistrust and cynicism. We know that this is not all there is within the human heart. There is also a desire to cooperate, to share, to make sacrifice on behalf of the whole. Nevertheless, such 'Union' was not visible following the address nor in the days afterward.

There is such a thing as Divine trust which is not naivete, nor foolishness, nor a misguided appraisal of the motives of others. Indeed, such Divine trust pierces through the selfishness and self-interest of others to see the core element that fuels it which is fear. Fear creates self-protection and self-protection creates a 'me' against 'them' attitude. Divine trust, by contrast, holds that those who have differences that appear irreconcilable on the surface, can come to a place of accord if they could recognize the fear that drives them and believe that concordance or a harmonization of interests is possible upon moving to a deeper level of engagement.

Within the Divine wholeness that exists at any moment in time, it is possible to find greater harmony if one can move past the place of fear and recognize that all points of view exist within a greater Unity that contains them all. This is the time for awakening on a national and global scale, and what we as a nation must awaken to is the trust that 'Union' is possible and needed to solve the critical and pressing issues of the day.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Law of Love

The kind of love that humanity has experienced in all its wonder and beauty is but a portion of a far greater love that is limitless, since its Source is an unending, eternal one. This love is generated from within - from the Divine part of each heart. It is not dependent on external circumstance. Its law is universal compassion, tenderness, and forgiveness. Its bestowal is upon everyone.

To reach for this quality of love is to be willing to let go of past wounds and hurts and present projections and judgments. It is to free the burdened self from all forms of prejudice with which it has been weighed down.

To make a beginning with this, leave the land of "like" and "dislike" and look for the inner beauty in each one. "Like" and "dislike" are part of the separated psyche, based on external attributes and behaviors. No one's behavior can take love away from you if you do not give it away. It is yours to keep.

Loving in this way does not mean not standing up for oneself or never saying "no", for self-love is also included in love. However standing up for oneself can be done without anger and without judgment of another. It can be done on behalf of love and on behalf of truth.

These are the steps to awakening - to follow the Law of Love.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Becoming One with the Oneness

We do not have to ask ourselves whether we are breathing, because breathing is not a concept. It is a perceived sensation and automatic action within the body. In the same way, Oneness will become felt within the body not as an idea but as a sensation - a perception of the same degree of reality as breathing brings to our physical senses.

The doorway is open. The passage has begun. Each consciousness that is willing can become more attuned to the underlying reality that is growing within human awareness. Let love extend further beyond the limits of the smaller self and its particular likes and dislikes and you will open the door further. Forgive everyone, and you will take another step.

This is the time of awakening. Blessings.

Haiti Rising

Response of Light

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unconditional Love

There are a great many people today who are trying to learn how to love better, with more forgiveness and greater purity of heart. What complicates the process of being able to love more and better? Unfulfilled needs that cause frustration, anger, hurt, and withdrawal or rejection.

A time will come when all will understand that the things we project onto others we must reclaim for ourselves. Our own self-doubts, self-criticism, feelings of inadequacy or failure become the points of vulnerability that fuel projection.

The truth is that your consciousness is yours alone to shape, to mold, to choose. It is not anyone else's. This responsibility for one's own consciousness is based on being a Divine child of God. When accepted, it reduces the willingness to blame anyone for anything.

The knowledge that one is a Divine creation, at all times connected with God and with one's larger self, is the other foundational pillar for unconditional love and the withdrawal of projections. For when the source of healing is perceived to be within oneself, why would one look elsewhere for it?

These two transitions - the responsibility for one's own consciousness and the connection with one's own higher self or soul will create major transitions in human relationships. When the connection to one's larger self is made, it will be possible to see that same self in others, for all are connected at that level.

This is what lies before us as a collective humanity, and the inner work of withdrawing projections and seeking to embody more of unconditional love are steps along the way. Blessings.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Holding the Light for Haiti


sponsors a worldwide meditation for helping the survivors in Haiti

Tonight, Jan. 22nd, 8-8:30PM (EST), 5-5:30PM (PST),
1-1:30AM Sat. (GMT)

For information about the meditation see


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Light and Darkness in the Public Arena

When you look at the national or world stage with a contemplative eye, it is possible to see which forces, positions, people, and points of view polarize a discussion, and which perspectives unify and create greater harmony. This is a signpost to the operation of light and darkness in the public arena. Words, positions, and arguments that create fear, that sub-divide a nation into irreconcilable groups, or a planet into groups that are acceptable and those who are not, are infused by the ongoing energy of separation and fear which is another way of describing the energy of darkness.

Light unifies. It creates greater wholes. It builds a willingness to trust and a need to accord to all the presumption of fundamental humanity, based on respect. It seeks to redefine what 'enemies' are, and to do away with that term in favor of a deeper explanation of human motives. It recognizes forces that seek to limit freedom and that seek to disrespect the rights of others, but it does not rely on hatred or fear in order to respond to these forces.

The 'we' and 'them' mentality is a hallmark of the time of separation. We are leaving that time and entering one in which there are no exclusions, since all is held in God. To enter this time fully, fear must be let go of, not activated, and so wherever fear is activated and promoted, the contemplative eye must recognize the backlash of forces that are seeking to prevent the expansion of light.

To see the drama of light and darkness on the world stage and to remain at peace, one must know deeply within one's being that light is stronger than darkness. This may not show itself immediately in every situation, but the thrust of growth, evolution, and transformation is, and will be, the overturning of all that limits freedom on an individual level and on a collective level as well. All that promotes fear and division is being replaced by light's purposes.

We enter this time humbly and gratefully, standing with the forces of light that may be seen through the remaining conflicts that are still present on the world stage. Namaste.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fifth Dimensional Awareness

Do you wonder what the fifth dimension is that people speak of? It is the embodied, body-level awareness of Oneness - of life being one seamless whole and of the reality of the Divine as the Source of that whole.

We are preparing for this physical/mental/emotional and spiritual consciousness shift by paving the way for it in our consciousness, and releasing all that remains of separation and fear. Anyone who is doing this work is beginning to incorporate the higher level consciousness. May your own pathway be illuminated and blessed.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Consciousness


We had a powerful meeting last night to support and uphold those in Haiti who are suffering, and those in transition who may be in need as well.

What is important about this way of helping through meditation and prayerful alignment is the confident premise:

1) That there is only one Consciousness operating here that we are all part of, and that this means that the transmission of hope, light, love, truth, and comfort move across and through that one Consciousness as part of the interactive network.

2) That there is a synergy that exists when a group gathers together to send light and healing somewhere. This collective group energy is greater than the sum of its parts.

3) That invoking Divine light and love to send forth along this network of Consciousness brings the higher dimensions of light into the physical realm for purposes of healing. This is how the Realms of Light operate at all times - through the transmission of the higher frequencies of light and love to the lower, and this is how invocation works to help the planet.

We need as a planetary body to understand more about the ways of helping that are not solely about 'doing' in a practical sense, (though this too), but about 'doing' in a spiritual sense. This applies both at times of human tragedy and disasters, and in more gentle times as well. Each consciousness affects every other. When groups gather they can generate a powerful effect for the good. And aligning with and invoking God's light and love is always beneficial for the wellbeing of the whole.

May all come to understand this energetic and Consciousness reality we live in. There is only One here. Namaste.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holding the Light for Haiti

For those wanting to help, we are having a meeting at 7:30PM tomorrow (EST), (4:30PM - PST) to bring the synergy of focused light and prayers to the situation in Haiti. Please join us from wherever you are. Blessings - Julie Redstone

P.S. You can also help through joining the weekly One World Meditations and contributing to the presence of light and love on the planet that way as well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



A massive earthquake hit the small island of Haiti yesterday, January 12th, demolishing what from some estimates was more than 75% of the buildings in the capital, Port au Prince, home to 2 million people.

Pray that light, love, peace, and strength come to those in need in this devastated area, and also for those souls in transition... May your heart's love be part of the healing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Universe Unto Itself

Each being is a universe unto itself. This holds true for small creatures as well as human beings. Most mysterious and spectacular, however, is the inner universe of each embodied soul which, when one views it closely, is absolutely unique with an internal beauty and meaning that rivals anything exterior.

Photo: Brian Valentine - Dewdrops on a Spider's Web

Friday, January 8, 2010

Intensification of Old Difficulties

Many who are experiencing the resurgence of old emotional patterns that they thought were healed wonder if they are 'backsliding' or why, after progress had been made, the old difficulties reappear.

The 'purification paradigm' is crucial here, namely, to know that the experience of old emotional or mental patterns does not mean that something is wrong, but rather that healing is taking place more deeply within the karmic roots of the emotional, mental, or behavioral pattern. For this healing to be completed, the pattern itself must pass through consciousness.

The 'purification paradigm' allows one to witness this phenomenon without identifying with it. To that degree, it fosters greater acceptance and non-judgment, and allows the movement of light to do its work in the best possible way. Blessings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soul Memories - 'Bleeding Through' of Other Self-Identities

As personal identity integrates more with one's soul or higher identity, it is not uncommon for dreams, emotions, thoughts, and images that arise out of other versions of identity that one has been to move more vividly into awareness. This is another way of saying that the karmic roots of things one feels become more clear or transparent in the presence of greater light. This movement can involve unhealed issues that have their source of origin in the distant past, though they are reflected here and now as well. It can also involve a feeling of not belonging in this time-period or dimension, but belonging elsewhere or else-when.

These legacies of other self-identities are also being integrated and healed as the embodied self incorporates greater degrees of light and awakens to a deeper truth. It is necessary to be patient with such things and to know, beyond whatever may be arising, that the present flow of light to the Earth is moving everything forward into greater wholeness, even when this does not appear to be the case.

For personal questions about these issues, please write to me at Light Omega Comments. Blessings.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Gentleness

An NPR report in the last few days described a new immigration policy initiated with the beginning of 2010 that would no longer separate parents from children who had illegally entered this country while they waited for disposition of their cases in holding or detention centers. This kindness to those who have primarily come here in search of a better life speaks for a sense of common humanity that we may cherish and hope to see more of in this coming year. Hopefully, in the same vein, it will ultimately elicit a review of our immigration policy that is not based on fear but on this same sense of humanity.

The Process of Letting Go

In the process of letting go of something, it can seem that what one wishes to let go of is holding on to oneself, refusing to be released. This aspect of unwanted thoughts, feelings, or motivations repeating themselves in a seemingly endless pattern is quite common. Some of it may be reinforced by external energies that amplify the negative patterns. However, often, what seems to be attached to or clinging to us is what we are truly clinging to, afraid of letting it go.

There is a truism that must be examined by each consciousness in relation to letting go, namely, that the old familiar pain may seem better than the new, unfamiliar one that may lie ahead. This may make no sense to the rational mind but it makes a great deal of sense to the ego-mind which is only interested in protecting the self from pain.

In the process of letting go, see where you are in relation to the Unknown and particularly in relation to the emptiness that may seem to lay ahead if you release the past. The fear of emptiness is often the reason for clinging, even when clinging is no longer desired or desirable.

Release all into God's protective care and be free of fear. Blessings.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ocean of Love

The Way to Peace Within and Without in 2010 and beyond:

Light Omega Productions

Friday, January 1, 2010

Entering the Space of the Unknown

Movement into a new way of life has already begun for many. In some cases the path forward has been clear and directed, in others only the falling away of the old has taken place without the new revealing itself. This is the space of emptiness, of waiting, of trusting. It involves a direct encounter with the Unknown and the growth of the soul in many important ways. For some, it involves the fear of emptiness and of unknowingness, and so the need to trust is called forth in ever deeper ways in order to meet the challenges of this time.

The time of being without a rudder is a precious time. One must enter an empty space that is not really empty and wait for the new identity and direction to manifest. Orienting toward Divine Will and toward one's higher purpose IS the rudder during such a time. This turning toward purpose says to the deeper self and to the forces that be: "Lead me and guide me in Thy light. Let my purpose serve the purposes of Divine Will." Such a declaration calls forth the highest expression of one's soul-purpose. It creates the circumstances within the emptiness that will shape the next steps of unfoldment.

Sometimes, feelings of failure or foolishness become strong during a time of waiting. The ego becomes fearful and out of fear, critical of one's willingness to relinquish control. These self-criticisms can be harsh, especially when reinforced by significant members of one's family or friends who are also fearful on one's behalf. Nevertheless, often, what looks like foolishness in the eyes of the world is wisdom in the eyes of the soul. Thus, emptiness and unknowingness are virtues which, from a spiritual standpoint, become the foundation for transformation and the building of a new identity that can reveal the Divine.