Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome to 'Time of Awakening'

This blog merges two former blogs that were part of the year 2009 - The Art of Being Present and The Essentials of Spiritual Purification.

The year 2010 brings in a new energy of hope and manifestation, and so it is greeted by this new offering called "Time of Awakening." Here you will find articles and commentary on both individual and global changes related to the planetary shift into a new consciousness. This shift is affecting all of life on Earth, whether knowingly or not. All are being brought into a higher state of love, unity, and awareness of all that stands in the way of these.

May the New Year bring to you what your heart has hoped for and waited for. May the holy life of the One become part of the awareness of all.

Namaste. Julie Redstone

1 comment:

  1. Dear Julie,
    How moving and beautiful, the banner and the message "Time of Awakening".
    I feel joy in my heart, warmth in my body, quickening in my soul.
    With love, Robert


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