Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Relationships for a New Time

Many human beings know love, have experiences of love, cherish love in its many forms. Yet, the new vibrations of light are capable of changing what we conceive of as love, broadening it, deepening it, making more possible. This transition will take place as the personality-self connects with the soul or higher-self aspect of one's being, enabling love to become self-generated rather than dependent on the circumstances in which one finds oneself.

This is a great shift that has already begun for many. Whether we call it Planetary Ascension, fifth-dimensional consciousness, spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, it is the connection with one's deeper and truer self that will enable love to manifest on the planet and between individuals. To the extent that this happens within each heart, love will become active rather than passive; self-generating rather than based on what one receives or on what others deserve. The category of 'not liking certain people' will disappear altogether in the inner awareness of who they are as souls, rather than who they are as behavioral expressions.

This transition into identification with one's soul-self can begin at any time... even in this moment. It involves the willingness to allow love to be dependent on oneself alone, not on external circumstance - to love for the sake of loving, for the sake of healing, for God's sake and life's sake, for the sake of the Oneness of which we are all a part. It is this willingness that will create a new life for the Earth.

There are many couples, families, and groups who live within limited, restricted, or embattled versions of love at the present time. In fact, with the advent of greater light on Earth, the power of light to reveal hidden feelings and motivations can cause even love's presence to be brought into question. This happens through the revelation of formerly dormant feelings and issues that now arise into consciousness along with the potential for creating greater separation. Nevertheless, love is based on the decision of ONE to love, not two. And whether a relationship remains intact or changes, your own love is completely a decision of your own consciousness, as is your forgiveness of others for their lack of love.

It is not wrong to want to be loved. It is part of being human to want the deep companionship, connection, and intimacy that can take place with another and with many others. However, our collective past has brought these intimate relationships into our lives, often with much baggage attached. This baggage is the legacy of karmic issues in need of healing that limit the fullness of love, even while it has been present.

All karmic issues are being revealed and dissolved now in the greater light of the Earth's transition into light. They are revealed through the movement of light-energy through the body and the sub-conscious mind. They are dissolved as one aligns with one's higher identity or soul-self and as one chooses to love unconditionally. To be a 'reality of One' is the task at hand, and each person is capable of doing so. The capacity to do this was formerly not available to many because the restrictions of consciousness did not allow easy access to the higher self awareness or higher mind. This is changing now. In this blessed time of planetary transition, new possibilities for stabilizing love within oneself have arrived, and the old pathways that have created hurt, woundedness, defensiveness, and judgment can more easily be let go of.

It is as if the personality-self with its thoughts and emotions is a garment we have worn. Now, it is more possible to see that there is something beneath this garment that is purer, truer, and more love-filled. Such an awareness creates the possibility for spiritual anchoring within this deeper layer. It also makes possible the shedding of beliefs in personal limitation or inadequacy as one claims the truth of one's larger self.

The more each person can tap into the well of love that exists within the larger self, the more each will draw to themselves a world of loving others, and the more each will shape a life that has peace and love within it. Self-generating love, the love of ONE for all, has the possibility of creating harmonious relationships between individuals as well as a world of peace.

We are at the cusp of the new. This shift into sacred awareness is here and is possible. It is what further planetary transformation will make even more possible as light continues to do its work. As 2010 begins, make the choice to allow love to become more important than it has been, indeed, to allow it to become all important. For where unconditional love for all exists, there God exists as well.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Greeting for 2010

Light Omega Productions

Laying Down of Arms

When the world discovers that the laying down of arms rather than the taking up of arms is not to be feared but to be trusted, a new era will have dawned for human consciousness. For in this laying down of arms, armaments, weapons, and defenses lies the true solution for peace.

This solution applies both to individual interactions with others, and also to the interactions of nations as they claim to maintain peace through the power of a few.

How Birds Stay Warm In the Winter

For those who have wondered about birds in the cold, overheard on NPR: Their feather layers are adjustable. They can be raised or lowered to create more or less of a heat-layer around them. They can also be turned to different angles to release heat like louvers.

This tender feature of Divine design cares for all creatures. One day it will be like this for human beings as well who will be able to work with their individual energy fields in order, like birds, to adapt them to particular situations.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome to 'Time of Awakening'

This blog merges two former blogs that were part of the year 2009 - The Art of Being Present and The Essentials of Spiritual Purification.

The year 2010 brings in a new energy of hope and manifestation, and so it is greeted by this new offering called "Time of Awakening." Here you will find articles and commentary on both individual and global changes related to the planetary shift into a new consciousness. This shift is affecting all of life on Earth, whether knowingly or not. All are being brought into a higher state of love, unity, and awareness of all that stands in the way of these.

May the New Year bring to you what your heart has hoped for and waited for. May the holy life of the One become part of the awareness of all.

Namaste. Julie Redstone